About us

Rotating Turbine Parts & Power ltd. is a global aftermarket supplier of gas and steam turbine spare parts. We guarantee high-quality level goods, competitive pricing, best possible delivery time and impeccable customers care. We continually improve our products through new updates to extend the lifetime and increase efficiency.

What we do

We provide gas and steam turbine spare parts supplies for customers in whole world. Our products are designed for General Electric, Ruston and Westinghouse units.

Our Vision

We are aiming to become a global leader in equipment supplies for industrial areas as such oil & gas, power generation and petrochemical.
We want to continually improve our products, reduce time for delivery and decrease total cost.

What we say

“RTP Power success is the result of many years experience in the field, devotion to our work and the efforts to fully support our customers.” RTP Power president Jeff Richards said.”